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About Us

Private trade unitary enterprise “Kriotrade” is the official dealer of the manufacturer “Krion”. It has one of the leading positions in belorussian market of technical gases and related services. The main strategy of the company is a perspective and long-term development. Our enterprise invests in strengthening market positions all the time, looking for the optimal model of interaction with the end user.

Our company sale wholesale and retail the wide range of technical gases – nitrogen, Oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, argon, acetylene, verification mixtures, welding mixtures, carbon dioxide and gas mixtures for food purposes.

Always on sale cryogenic equipment, cylinders and containers for gas transportation, welding equipment and materials (welding torch, reducer, hoses, wire, welding machine and other related products).

We propose for rent cylinders of different volume and pressure, containers for gas transportation, monoblocks.

The car park is represented by various carrying capacity trucks, equipped with lifting and unloading mechanisms. This allows us to provide delivery services based on buyer’s needs and at reasonable prices and high quality.

Stores are in Minsk, Zhodino, Pinsk. Operative delivery all over Belarus.

On the supply of raw materials and the products sale our company cooperates with organizations on the territory of The Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, CNR and countries of the EU.




JSC «BSB Bank»

Account number: BY93UNBS30120352030080001933

in accounting cash center №1

Freedom Square, 4, Minsk, Belarus


Tel:+375175474777, +375 296165000 (Minsk)


+375296335000 (Zhodino)


+375296345000 (Pinsk)

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